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Rose Hills Cemetary 27 Verified

18:37 Nov 02, 2010

This area was secure, I arrived with my family a month ago untilizing the location and supplies to our advantage. We used the machinery and... More Information » « Less Information

rose hills cemetary, rosemead ca

Zombie girl and robot 1 Verified

17:45 Nov 02, 2010

Rather strangly the black dressed zombie girl I saw was in possession of a high-tech robot that farts! They both looked very powerful and dangerous. More Information » « Less Information

Jette, Belgium

Zombie Wilson 0 Verified

17:25 Nov 02, 2010

My friend Wilson normally doesn't make too much noise I've recently overheard him moaning and making gurgling noises. GET ME OFF THIS F***ING... More Information » « Less Information

South Pacific

the sunken city 1 Verified

16:57 Nov 02, 2010

I arrived an hour after my group to find that their cars parked at the gates. It was until I ventured 4 miles into the derelict community where... More Information » « Less Information

san pedro, the sunken city

Zombie girl wants MEAT 31 Verified

16:21 Nov 02, 2010

Small, blonde zombie girl in a leopard robe. Alternatively screaming "BRAIIINS" and "MEEAAAT" (the latter with more enthusiasm). More Information » « Less Information


Video-game addict zombie 0 Verified

16:11 Nov 02, 2010

Saw a young zombie in my roommate's bedroom: wearing a torn Jurassic Park t-shirt, staring blankly at the computer screen while someone was... More Information » « Less Information

Brussels, Saint-Josse-ten-Noode

Weapon of Choice 1 Verified

15:44 Nov 02, 2010

Chainsaw rocket launcher @ the link: More Information » « Less Information

beograd, serbia

Spotted at St. Thomas 0 Verified

15:40 Nov 02, 2010

Several zombies were spotted lurking in the gym of St. Thomas High School this afternoon. Unconfirmed reports say that the captain of the golf... More Information » « Less Information


Art Zombie



Art Zombie 0 Verified

14:54 Nov 02, 2010

Saw zombie in the parking lot moving towards northside More Information » « Less Information

sam flax atlanta

Candelaria Zombie Attack 1 Verified

14:07 Nov 02, 2010

Se han registrado ataques de Decenas de Zombies en el pequeño pueblo de Candelaria cerca a Santiago de Cali, lo curioso es que los zombies no... More Information » « Less Information



10:23 Nov 02, 2010

Very fast and very smart. Think logically about your counterattacks. Have ammo, but limited. I WILL SURVIVE. More Information » « Less Information

Point Loma University

Fisketorvet (Silvan ekspedienter) 339 Unverified

10:01 Nov 02, 2010

Tydeligvis er der noget i gære. Ekspedienterne virker blege, fraværende og ikke-levende. Deres øjne er blanke og de reagerer ikke på menneskelig... More Information » « Less Information


Zombie Lurker!



Zombie Lurker! 0 Unverified

09:48 Nov 02, 2010

Several zombie lurkers downtown! More Information » « Less Information

Lubbock Texas

Strange guy at the Goldline 0 Unverified

23:48 Nov 01, 2010

I was standing at the goldline after a night in old town pasadena when this guy started to walk towards towards me. he seemed a bit off because... More Information » « Less Information

Pasadena, CA

I thought it was a GuineaBee... 0 Unverified

23:04 Nov 01, 2010

... but it wasn't. It was an angry dog in a Halloween bee costume, angry and blood-thirsty. Stay away from West Edmonton Mall. It may be... More Information » « Less Information

Edmonton Alberta

Zombie en el Metro 2 Unverified

23:03 Nov 01, 2010

Visto en el Metro Constituyentes línea naranja More Information » « Less Information

Metro Constituyentes México D.F.

Zombies en vistahermosa



Zombies en vistahermosa 0 Unverified

22:57 Nov 01, 2010

Se ha visto a unas viejas con muchas perlas y con cara de muertos vivientes More Information » « Less Information

el puerto de santa maria, spain

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