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rural zombies 6 Unverified

21:26 Jan 02, 2011

I am living in a small town in upstate new york. It is primarily farms, with a ski resort nearby - my house is very remote. I have been stranded... More Information » « Less Information

Catskill, NY

Nonhuman creature outside the city 0 Verified

15:53 Dec 26, 2010

Sighting of creature, similar to a middle aged man without the left side of the torso. More Information » « Less Information


Runners headed west



Runners headed west 0 Verified

12:46 Dec 22, 2010

A group of seven or eight runners is headed west toward the coast. They aren't very cautious and may stir up zombie activity in the area. They're... More Information » « Less Information


Zombies en Mendoza 1 Unverified

16:50 Dec 13, 2010

Quería hacer un reporte de un ataque de Zombies en la cuidad de Mendoza, más respectivamente en la zona del Parque Gral. San Martin donde se... More Information » « Less Information


there are everywhere >.< CTM!!!!!!!! 1 Unverified

10:51 Dec 03, 2010

they eat my puppy mtf AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAgggggggggg they come!!!! ohhhhhhh jesus save me obama!!!!!! More Information » « Less Information

punta arenas

We have people 1 Unverified

02:28 Dec 03, 2010

Here in Punta arenas in the south of the world we killed all the zombies and we have a little city with 300 citizens, we want more people to... More Information » « Less Information

Punta Arenas

A CURE?!?!?! 0 Unverified

16:57 Dec 02, 2010

Their working on somthing @ PLUM ISLAND!! Could it be a cure? Government troops are swarming the place! More Information » « Less Information

Plum Island, NY

Zombies are invading my underpants 0 Unverified

23:14 Nov 29, 2010

I really don't know how to go into further description of this event.... More Information » « Less Information

dayton, ohio

Mistænkeligt stort fravær på Katedralen 0 Unverified

11:02 Nov 29, 2010

Mandag morgen var der 70% fraværd i filosofi klassen... dette kan kun være et symptom på at gymnasie elever er igang med at blive forvandlet... More Information » « Less Information

Ribe katedralskole

SLASH ZOMBIES!!! 0 Unverified

22:36 Nov 28, 2010

After a deadly chemical conflict in the Middle East, zombie terror rules the streets of TLV. Are you infected??? More Information » « Less Information

Tel Aviv, Israel

i think there in my woods 2 Unverified

19:03 Nov 26, 2010

i hear my dogs bark right and when i go out there i see someone standing in the woods. i get closer and he screams (not words) at me i ran back... More Information » « Less Information

interlachen florida

Black Friday pandemic 0 Unverified

05:14 Nov 26, 2010

Amar Collective newsletter: Los Angeles county has reported a strong chain of violence appearing in area affected by the black friday sales.... More Information » « Less Information

Los Angeles, ca

Abandon the school 1 Unverified

03:36 Nov 25, 2010

Zombie have been seen on the Lyndon State College Campus as of 3 days ago, power is out and many of the buildings are on fire, More Information » « Less Information

Lyndon State College

Ataque a la ciudad de BsAs de 11 zombies 0 Unverified

17:25 Nov 24, 2010

Juraría que ví 11 muertos caminantes tratando de jugar al fútbol... Cuidado. Manténganse alejados de Nuñez... More Information » « Less Information

buenos aires

The Creatures From the Up Hill 41



The Creatures From the Up Hill 41 3 Unverified

12:10 Nov 24, 2010

I was walking home around 2am after stealing mustard packets from the holiday gas station and encountered some zombies shambling out of the... More Information » « Less Information

hancock mi

Ayuda 0 Unverified

15:59 Nov 22, 2010

Los yonkis han resultado ser zombies encubiertos, parece que la metadona los ha convertido en infestados (estilo 28 días después) More Information » « Less Information


Zombie enlist as ICC witness



Zombie enlist as ICC witness 4 Unverified

13:10 Nov 22, 2010

Zombie meets Ocampo, spooking Post Election Perpetrators cut deals with ICC. Zombie's rock!!!, "Untouchable." More Information » « Less Information


They are EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!! 0 Unverified

15:44 Nov 20, 2010

Multiple sightings all week. We are picking them off with a crossbow. I really feel bad about re-killing my neighbors. Send help!!! we need... More Information » « Less Information

Suburban Moores Millls, NY

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