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The Zombie Apocalypse on Facebook 313 Verified

00:01 Dec 21, 2012

Foodstuffs, come join in on the fun...bring friends with "like minds". Snacks will be they arrive. Dancing optional, shuffling... More Information » « Less Information

El Cerrito, CA

Walkers 28 Unverified

22:00 Oct 15, 2012

4 walkers spotted in the woods close to the bikeroad from osphaugveien to bjornebaerveien. One was agressive, but the others did not seem to... More Information » « Less Information

Bodo, Norway

Zombie weapons 78 Unverified

01:43 Oct 12, 2012

I have been using a zombie blasting gun to destroy as many aas I can. Here in Montana we are mobbed with zombies. There are barely any weapons... More Information » « Less Information


im scared 18 Unverified

15:28 Sep 07, 2012

oh my god there is a person bleeding and eating my friends More Information » « Less Information

san ysidro

Surfing Zombie 32 Unverified

10:27 Aug 29, 2012

Zombie spotted surfing, every time they fell off they simply got back up again. No human could have had such poor balance and determination! More Information » « Less Information

Belhaven Beach

Several zombies observed 16 Unverified

23:55 Aug 27, 2012

Gouvernment forces are trying to control the situation, but it has escalated to a point where all control is lost... there is still electricity,... More Information » « Less Information

Bodø, Norway

Reports of Zombie Attacks in Hollendergata, Oslo 10 Unverified

11:20 Aug 10, 2012

Multiple undeads has been spotted leaving Hollendergata, Oslo, Norway, and continuing on to Grønlandsleiret. Be aware. More Information » « Less Information

Hollendergata, Oslo

Crawlers seen! 10 Unverified

12:53 Aug 02, 2012

We were hiking around Idaho City, when we heard subtle moaning only to spot distantly five crawling humanoid creatures with frothing mouths!... More Information » « Less Information

In the woods, unknown

Geek Zombies on the rampage



Geek Zombies on the rampage 6 Unverified

08:42 May 05, 2011

Bunch of hungry crawlers all over iHub in Nairobi. My team is ready to spank them. More Information » « Less Information

ihub, nairobi

zombie masive invasion 4 Unverified

21:12 May 04, 2011

a big mazive zombie invazion,im in my house,locket whit al i have... More Information » « Less Information


Large mob of roaming zombies



Large mob of roaming zombies 2 Unverified

11:54 May 03, 2011

Seem to be moving North, origin of infection in this area is unknown so far. More Information » « Less Information

Crows Nest

Batallón de San Patricio 20 Unverified

14:50 Mar 20, 2011

Moderate Weapons and Equipment, 1 vehicle. 6 survivors. More Information » « Less Information

Monterrey, Nuevo León, México

shelter 1 Unverified

06:35 Mar 20, 2011

ventanas con rejas. puertas reforzadas. muchas armas de mano (hachas, machetes, martillos, etc) excelente refugio anti-zombies More Information » « Less Information

cochabamba entre chacabuco y esmeralda

zombies seen wandering 1 Unverified

13:28 Mar 09, 2011

a pack of five, maybe six zombie was seen wandering in a forrest of unknown name by local hunters and civilians, 2 were delt with but the others... More Information » « Less Information

unknow forrest,outskirts of lincoln

Zombie visto en Irún,Guipuzcoa,Spain. 4 Unverified

23:32 Feb 10, 2011

ZOmbie visto en la zona de Gazteluzahar...Atención, se ha visto un zombie vagando por las ruinas del castillo, esta solo, y parece perdido...MUCHO... More Information » « Less Information


Alerta En IRUN!!! 2 Unverified

00:07 Feb 10, 2011

Hemos visto mi mujer y yo un Zombie vagando por las ruinas de Gaztelu Zahar, el antiguo castillo. Dava la sensacion de estar desorientado y... More Information » « Less Information


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