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zombie masive invasion 4 Unverified

21:12 May 04, 2011

a big mazive zombie invazion,im in my house,locket whit al i have... More Information » « Less Information


Black Friday pandemic 0 Unverified

05:14 Nov 26, 2010

Amar Collective newsletter: Los Angeles county has reported a strong chain of violence appearing in area affected by the black friday sales.... More Information » « Less Information

Los Angeles, ca

Major Zombie Raid in University 17 Unverified

14:11 Nov 17, 2010

A group of ~ 200 zombies was seen at the University of Paris 8. Reports from students describe lootings and deaths in classrooms. More Information » « Less Information

Université Paris 8, Saint-Denis, France

Candelaria Zombie Attack 1 Verified

14:07 Nov 02, 2010

Se han registrado ataques de Decenas de Zombies en el pequeño pueblo de Candelaria cerca a Santiago de Cali, lo curioso es que los zombies no... More Information » « Less Information


Corporate zombies 27 Unverified

12:44 Nov 01, 2010

Hostile take-over of energy company by Corporate zombies. More Information » « Less Information

Schiphol-Rijk, Nehterlands

Philadelphia Pa. Zombie



Philadelphia Pa. Zombie 0 Unverified

23:51 Oct 31, 2010

final count 17 zombies walking my street. pretending to be trick or treating More Information » « Less Information


Numerous death and opened graves 0 Unverified

15:01 Oct 31, 2010

There is an increase of unexplicave death and also a large number of graves have been found opened with caskets emptied. More Information » « Less Information

Guatemala, Guatemala

KL is burning 4 Unverified

14:12 Oct 31, 2010

oozing foot dragger seen near corner of jalan dua, jln chan sow lin attacking dinner patrons. due to the slow reaction of the military and... More Information » « Less Information

Corner of Jalan Dua, Jalan Chan Sow Lin

Zombie trying to gain entance into house 0 Verified

19:42 Oct 30, 2010

Last night a zombie tried to gain access to a residential home. Unfortunately for the zombie it was the home of a werewolf and vampire. They... More Information » « Less Information

Residential home in Fayetteville, NC

Hobo Zombies! 11 Verified

16:58 Oct 30, 2010

I woke up hungover this morning to find several homeless zombies looting the back of my pick-up truck for cans. I grabbed my Remington shotgun,... More Information » « Less Information

UT Campus

Tesco Under Attack 2 Verified

12:03 Oct 30, 2010

Zombie's have began breaking into the local Tesco Store in search of cheap prices and discounts. Several people are holed up in the cafe at... More Information » « Less Information

Haddington, Tesco Store

Zombie siting 3 Verified

05:23 Oct 30, 2010

A group of Zombies invaded The Northwestern Nursing home in Berea, Ohio on Wed. Oct 27th. More Information » « Less Information

Berea, OH

Zombies attack U of Michigan!! 0 Verified

15:44 Oct 29, 2010

Zombie students have been spotted feeding!! Uninfected students seem to be drawn towards the zombies "organic" shuffle and discourse. Professors... More Information » « Less Information

Ann Arbor, MI


15:37 Oct 29, 2010

There are zombies at the 50th Wurstfest celebration in New Braunfels, Texas! They're guzzling all the beer and eating all the Opas! [Opas... More Information » « Less Information

New Braunfels, TX USA

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