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Omg Zoombie 1 Unverified

14:10 Jan 27, 2011

I got a zoombie in my house :o More Information » « Less Information

Palma de Mallorca

there are everywhere >.< CTM!!!!!!!! 1 Unverified

10:51 Dec 03, 2010

they eat my puppy mtf AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAgggggggggg they come!!!! ohhhhhhh jesus save me obama!!!!!! More Information » « Less Information

punta arenas

They are EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!! 0 Unverified

15:44 Nov 20, 2010

Multiple sightings all week. We are picking them off with a crossbow. I really feel bad about re-killing my neighbors. Send help!!! we need... More Information » « Less Information

Suburban Moores Millls, NY

Zobie Attack 1 Unverified

18:36 Nov 05, 2010

Zombies attacked my house today. Luckily I fought them off with my trusty shotgun. We are holding on strong, but need help. More Information » « Less Information

Marion, Ia 52302

Rose Hills Cemetary 27 Verified

18:37 Nov 02, 2010

This area was secure, I arrived with my family a month ago untilizing the location and supplies to our advantage. We used the machinery and... More Information » « Less Information

rose hills cemetary, rosemead ca

the sunken city 1 Verified

16:57 Nov 02, 2010

I arrived an hour after my group to find that their cars parked at the gates. It was until I ventured 4 miles into the derelict community where... More Information » « Less Information

san pedro, the sunken city

No signs of Zombies yet 2 Unverified

17:43 Nov 01, 2010

I don't think their have been any here, on Long Island; I'll keep you posted. If it goes down though, I'll escape by water with a sailbaot... More Information » « Less Information

Sag Harbor, NY

Zombies everywhere 1 Unverified

15:59 Nov 01, 2010

Its the hair. You can always tell by the hair. More Information » « Less Information

tysons corner, va

zombie attack in the farms near ibague 1 Unverified

09:54 Nov 01, 2010

at 22:00 local hour a strange people appears near a farm close to my house,they walk slowly and appears to be drug the men in the farm walk... More Information » « Less Information

ibague,Vergel; Palmas del Vergel

The Fall of UNL 0 Unverified

01:27 Nov 01, 2010

HELP NOW! My friends and I are under attack at our duplex. There were originally had 15 of us and now we're down to only 5. We have barricaded... More Information » « Less Information

Lincoln NE

Dublin Safe Zone 0 Unverified

17:00 Oct 31, 2010

Tallaght is now been prepared as a safe zone. The entire area of Tallaght is to be modified as a fortress against Zombie. Weapons caches and... More Information » « Less Information

Tallaght Dublin Ireland

KL is burning 4 Unverified

14:12 Oct 31, 2010

oozing foot dragger seen near corner of jalan dua, jln chan sow lin attacking dinner patrons. due to the slow reaction of the military and... More Information » « Less Information

Corner of Jalan Dua, Jalan Chan Sow Lin

Zombie Encounter in the Skidmore College North Woods 18 Verified

10:47 Oct 31, 2010

Was walking on the Spirit of Nature Trail when I heard groaning from the vicinity of the Water Tower. 2 Zombies with a Zombie dog were fast... More Information » « Less Information

815 North Broadway

1-20 of 42 Reports
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