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The Zombie Apocalypse on Facebook 313 Verified

00:01 Dec 21, 2012

Foodstuffs, come join in on the fun...bring friends with "like minds". Snacks will be they arrive. Dancing optional, shuffling... More Information » « Less Information

El Cerrito, CA

im scared 18 Unverified

15:28 Sep 07, 2012

oh my god there is a person bleeding and eating my friends More Information » « Less Information

san ysidro

Batallón de San Patricio 20 Unverified

14:50 Mar 20, 2011

Moderate Weapons and Equipment, 1 vehicle. 6 survivors. More Information » « Less Information

Monterrey, Nuevo León, México

Zombies from the river! 0 Unverified

12:37 Jan 23, 2011

we are 4 teenagers that were drinking and a lot of zombies start to come from the deep of the river. We need help, NOW!! More Information » « Less Information

Guadalquivir River, Sevilla

Runners headed west



Runners headed west 0 Verified

12:46 Dec 22, 2010

A group of seven or eight runners is headed west toward the coast. They aren't very cautious and may stir up zombie activity in the area. They're... More Information » « Less Information


there are everywhere >.< CTM!!!!!!!! 1 Unverified

10:51 Dec 03, 2010

they eat my puppy mtf AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAgggggggggg they come!!!! ohhhhhhh jesus save me obama!!!!!! More Information » « Less Information

punta arenas

We have people 1 Unverified

02:28 Dec 03, 2010

Here in Punta arenas in the south of the world we killed all the zombies and we have a little city with 300 citizens, we want more people to... More Information » « Less Information

Punta Arenas

Ataque En La Ciudad De México 0 Unverified

17:19 Nov 08, 2010

Zombies Y Ejercito por Todas Partes Algunos Civiles Corren Y otros Huyen E Lugar Es todo Un Caos Necesitamos Ayuda More Information » « Less Information

Distrito Federa(México City)

Ataque zombi en Lugo 0 Verified

01:35 Nov 03, 2010

Ataque zombie en lugo ciudad los infectados crecen por momentos no se sabe como ha empezado, pero si que se sigue resistiendo. Se informa a... More Information » « Less Information



10:23 Nov 02, 2010

Very fast and very smart. Think logically about your counterattacks. Have ammo, but limited. I WILL SURVIVE. More Information » « Less Information

Point Loma University

Base Camp 76 Verified

21:15 Oct 31, 2010

- Location completely secure west of Harbor Blvd, East of Walnut St, South of Ball Road, and North of Katella Ave by military and civilian forces.... More Information » « Less Information

Disneyland Resort

Milwaukee is Under Attack 0 Unverified

19:01 Oct 31, 2010

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is under attack from zombies! Apparently an unknown suspect has been creating them without the governments knowledge and... More Information » « Less Information


Guam's past returns to haunt the present and future 37 Verified

13:37 Oct 31, 2010

Guam is usually known for it's war history, when the Japanese occupied its geography during WW2. Eventually, the US military seize the island... More Information » « Less Information


Help 1 Verified

20:51 Oct 30, 2010

Running low on supplies need quarantined area and weapons. More Information » « Less Information

4014 bent tree blvd

1-20 of 55 Reports
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