Zombie weapons

01:43 Oct 12 2012 Montana

I have been using a zombie blasting gun to destroy as many aas I can. Here in Montana we are mobbed with zombies. There are barely any weapons or ammo left anywhere! If we want to get a weapon we have to go to Farmer Pete's run down gun shop. There are dead bodies and body parts everywhere! It's absolutely crazy here! Zombies just kinda walk in you house these days and it's perfectly normal. Haha! I just blasted one! My friend Rachel just turned into one a month ago. Same with my mom Cherl and my dad Daris. I just killed another zombie! Crazy stuff round these parts. It's just me and my gun and my iPod of course. Power is down and has been for a few months. Telephone lines are down too! I just wanna run away but I can't because the zombies will turn me into one of them! Please help us! Now!
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Jesús Ariel Franco (Oct 26 2012)
you need a good drink of soda, a good stick and a good acid of sulfur, take the sulfur, throwing in the body of zombies and throwing in zombie head, taking the stick, and you go to hit in all head of the zombies, okay? good luck!
Rebecca Burkett (Jul 4 2013)
Dear Jesus, I had an acquaintance in Montana near St. Ignatius and I can get a clear telephone line through. What part of Montana do you live. Also, there hasn't been any news of any widespread Zombie Apocalyptic event. Maybe you should have put a pic of one or two with comment so we know what you are talking about. I live on East Coast, I have a small preparedness action plan going on even though my parents thing I am crazy. lol I am just curious and wanting to know of more information because I have health issues, and that's probably my doom for survival. Sincerest Becca
Rebecca Burkett (Jul 4 2013)
Dear Jesus, Becca again, where can I get a zombie blasting gun. I will need one when shit hits the fan. I hope things are well with you, and I am so sorry about your friends and family Sincerest Becca
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