Rose Hills Cemetary

18:37 Nov 2 2010 rose hills cemetary, rosemead ca

This area was secure, I arrived with my family a month ago untilizing the location and supplies to our advantage. We used the machinery and equipment to dig deep trenches along the hillside to halt any advances if the gate was breached, reinforced the iron rod gates and reinforced all the buildings and churches as fall back points along the hillside. With the college campus nearby and the cemetary having it's own water system we were well supplied well armed and had secure comms to the outside.

Until some stupid fuck drove his convoy of zombie bait to us! we lost the gate, those cars were good bridges for zombies to cross the trenches and yet those people were trying to run to us for help with those things close behind.

I lost my dad and sisters when they destroyed the gate and many others when they rushed in. I don't think bro and I can hold this position any longer, we are going to regroup with whoever is left at the highest temple. We should have enough there to outlive ourselves.

To anyone who receives this message, Rose hills is Lost
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Ricky (Jan 31 2012)
Great site. Very ufesul information. Wish you has more pics up of sample kitchens/baths…..and of yoursefl
vcaehrtb (Feb 3 2012)
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wqiitfxkfi (Feb 6 2012)
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